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Live recording


Nothing beats the energy of a live concert. Whether it is classical musical or rock, there's something magical to have people gathering in one place to experience a unique event. Not only does the audience benefit of this feeling, so do the musicians on stage: there's a certain vibe and atmosphere that is hard to recreate in a studio environment. 

How can I help?

For the past years I have been specializing in live recording, especially in jazz & classical music (La Monnaie, Belgian National Orchestra, Flemish Opera, ...).

I can facilitate the right audio equipment and the right people for any live concert.

Ofcourse I can also manage the editing, mixing and the mastering of your concert.

Mobile recording



A great sounding chapel, a cosy bungalow in the woods... Some places just breathe music. So why not record outside a traditional music studio? Believe me, no location is too silly, I've recorded in the most divergent surroundings: on a horse pasture, at a fair, on an icerink... 

How can I help?


I can facilitate a recording rig that fulfills the need of the task at hand. A solo piano recording or a full orchestra, just let me now what do you want to do and where, so I can make your project happen!

After the mobile recording, if you want, the editing, mixing and the mastering can be done.

Some of my latest mobile and live recordings...

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