I am currently touring with...

Royal Band Of The Belgian Navy - FOH engineer

Since 2016 I am touring with the Royal Band Of The Belgian Navy as their live FOH engineer. This is a ‘fat bigband’, a professional orchestra consisting of 40 musicians, including a bigband section and a rhythm section.

During these last two years I’ve been honoured to work with various guest performers like Johnny Logan, Tutu Puoane, Paquito D’Rivera, Felix Peikli, Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Patrick Riguelle, Hannelore Bedert, Hilde Coppé, Bert Joris, Frank Deruytter, Marc Godfroid, Nico Schepers…

Wasdaman – FOH engineer

In 2018 I also started touring as a FOH engineer with Wasdaman, a new Belgian jazz/rock ensemble. You can find more info about Wasdaman here

Songs With Roots XL (Liedjes Met Wortels)/Zonzo Compagnie – FOH engineer

Since 2019 I've been touring in Belgium & France with Zonzo Compagnie, for the ‘Songs With Roots XL’ production for the international Big Bang Festivals.

Past tours

Flemish Radio Choir/Vlaams Radio Koor + Ibernice Macbean- The Great American Songbook 2020
Liedjes Met Wortels XL – Big Bang 2019

One offs

Cloud Nothings (FOH), Marinierskapel der Koninklijke Marine NL (FOH), Girlpool (FOH), Bombataz (FOH), Liniker e os Caramelows (FOH), Slow Magic (FOH), Emile Verstraeten (FOH), Gabriel Rios & The Colorist Orchestra Try Out (FOH), John Ghost (FOH)…

Freelance work

I’m always interested in other, extra live projects. I can work with standard analog consoles as well as a diverse range of digital consoles, ranging from basic consoles like Behringer X32, Soundcraft SI series over to high end consoles like Digico SD series, Midas Pro series, Avid…

I own a digital desk with a 48-input digital stagerack and various other live & recording equipment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.