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Bruno Vansina 12-12

Bruno Vansina 12-12


Mobile Recording

Every month, Bruno Vansina, Cyrille Obermüller, Kobe Proesmans and Teun Verbruggen take their instruments to a special and unexpected place. The challenge: playing together with the location, reflecting on its vibe, the season, the people present.

Mobile recording at
Walter, Brussels, Belgium (#1 Walter)
Het Koninklijke Bos, Stekene, Belgium (#6 Animals)
Antwerp Bowling, Antwerp, Belgium (#7 Bowling)
Antarctica, Antwerp, Belgium (#9 Antarctica)
Christus Koningkerk, Antwerp, Belgium (#10 L’Orgue)
Foir de Liège, Liège, Belgium (#11 Scooters)

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